Welcome to my homepage.This is a C++ Builder site. It contains free codes and examples.
There are examples about I2C, USB, screensaver, memory game, DirectX and port - access with windows


  • A simple program , how can i work with the Borland C++ Builder 6 and an I2C - bus interface. I use a seriell interface from the company Horter & Kalb. It shows the basics to work with the I2C bus and a PCF8574.
    More Informations .


  • A second simple screensaver
    There are 2 different modes:
    1. The clock moves
    2. The clock is in middle.

    Only the quellcode without TClock          :
    codeclk2.zip ( 10 KB )
    Only the screensaver                           :
    clockscr2.zip ( 261 KB )
  • Component : analog clock
    A simple clock example for the BCB 6.
    You can change the color and 3 different sizes.
    The clock read every second the time.
    Download comonent TClock                   :
    tclock.zip ( 4 KB )
  • Screensaver - example:
    A very simple screensaver example with the component TClock

    Download quellcode                             :
    clk-scr.zip ( 10 KB )
    Only the screensaver                           :
    clockscr.zip ( 245 KB )

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